Learn How To Get Up From A Fall

Every skier falls, so learn the correct way to get up early on in your practice. Set the poles aside after a fall. Adjust your skis so they are parallel to each other, rolling onto your back if necessary to get them untangled.

Place the skis onto the snow, to one side of your body, and crawl forward until your feet are behind you. Kneel on top of the skis, and use your poles to push yourself up. If you fall on a hillside, raise your skis in the air and bring them down on the slope below you to get in a more stable position. Crawl to a flat area before you stand up. Keep the skis to one side as you crawl, not directly beneath you, or your weight could push them down the hill. Leave your ski poles aside for the moment, so you can practice this new motion without relying on your arm strength. Push your right foot down into the snow to get moving, swinging your right arm forward and your left arm back. Immediately shift your weight over your left ski and raise your right ski slightly above the track, gliding forward with your right ski trailing behind you. Return your right foot beneath you, then push off with your left foot and glide on your right ski. Alternate between feet to continue moving. Try to find a rhythm where your legs alternate in even strides as your hips adjust your weight from side to side.

Once the « kick and glide » movement forward feels a little more automatic, pick up the ski poles. Immediately after you kick forward with your right foot, and shift your weight to your left foot, plant your left pole angled backwards and push with it to give your glide extra momentum. Use your right pole to give yourself momentum after a left kick. Lift one ski completely off the ground and step forward. Maintain your balance with the ski pole on the same side as the ski with which you are stepping. Alternate with the ski and pole on the other side.

Have the proper equipment: Skis and poles need to be sized according to the skier’s height and ability. Boots should be the right size. Ask for help when buying the equipment to ensure you have the right size.

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  1. I just wear thermal underwear with ski pants on top, you don’t have to have a layer between them. Of course, it comes down to your own personal preference.

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